TStv Africa Latest New Frequency On Belintersat 1 at 51.5°E

TStv Africa Latest New Frequency On Belintersat 1 at 51.5°E

TStv Africa Latest New Frequency On Belintersat 1 at 51.5°E

K29HW-D, virtual and UHF digital channel 29, branded on-air as TSTV (Texas Student Television), is a low-powered independent television station licensed to Austin, Texas, United States. The station is owned by the University of Texas. Founded in 1995 as K09VR on channel 9, it is one of only a handful of FCC-licensed television stations in the country run entirely by students.

On cable, the station can be found on channel 15 via the campus cable system serving the University. TSTV also streams live to its website.

The station features such long time shows such as Texas News Channel, Sneak Peek, College Crossfire, Good Morning Texas, College Press Box, Local Live, and Video Game Hour Live. One show, Campus Loop, was nationally syndicated on the College Broadcast network. It was produced from 1999 until 2001 and still airs repeats today.

Notable Hollywood personalities have appeared on several of the station’s shows or segments, including Pauly Shore, Mark Cuban, Dennis Quaid and Robert Rodriguez.

Writer, producer and director Wes Anderson was briefly affiliated with the station as a student at the University. Here he met future collaborator Owen Wilson. Zach Anner, Internet star and host of the OWN show “Rollin’ with Zach Anner” worked at the station, starring and producing such shows like “That’s Awesome!” and “The Wingmen”.Creator of Red vs. Blue and Rooster Teeth Productions, Burnie Burns worked at the station in the early nineties and created their longest running show, “Sneak Peek”.

Todd Berger, writer and director of the films The Scenesters and It’s a Disaster, worked at the station in the late 1990s, and wrote and directed Campus Loop.

Frequency to Track TStv New frequency

Kindly get a professional installer to help you set it well with the parameter below:
Satellite Name: Belintersat 1(same position as MyTV)
Orbital position: 51.5 degrees East(51.5ºE)
LNB Type: KU Band LNB
Dish Size: 90 CM or larger
TStv Africa Frequency – 1
Freq: 11130
Polarization: H/V
Symbol Rate: 30000
Frequency – 2
Freq: 11050
Polarization: V/H
Symbol Rate: 30000
Frequency – 3
Freq: 10970
Polarization: H

Symbol Rate: 30000

List of All TStv Africa Channels and Their Channel Numbers

Serial Number Channel Name Channel Numbers
1. TStv Dish 100
2. Brtv 102
3. Hits TV 120
4. Hits Africa 125
5. Grande Gospel 128
6. BBC World 134
7. TOS TV 138
8. AL Jazeera 139
9. Euro News 140
10. Press TV 141
11. Fox News 144
12. Arirang World 146
13. RT 147
14. ABC News 148
15. Cbsn News 150
16. Cgtn 159
17. Trt World 162
18. DW 164
19. France 24 170
20. NHK World 174
21. Africa News 175
22. 124 News 178
23. KBS World 179
24. Reuter. Live 180
25. Bloomberg 181
26. CNC 185
27. Arise 188
28 VOA 189
29 A1 Kids 190




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