SuperSport Cricket New Frequency On Intelsat 20 68.5°E

SuperSport Cricket New Frequency On Intelsat 20 68.5°E

SuperSport Cricket New Frequency On Intelsat 20 68.5°E


SuperSport is a South Africa-based Pan-Africa group of television channels carried on the DStv satellite & GOtv terrestrial platforms. It provides sports content in South Africa, Nigeria and many other African countries

Formerly, SuperSport also had operations in Europe in the Scandinavian, Benelux, Polish & Greek regions and had sports channels started by FilmNet, being owned by MultiChoice at the time which have since been replaced. They also had operations in Thailand, under the current name True Sport

The channel broadcasts most of the major sporting events and leagues of association football, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, motorsport, cycling, boxing, wrestling, hockey, athletics. It was formerly the world’s largest broadcaster of live rugby and cricket (having been overtaken by Sky Sports), and also the world’s second largest Premier League broadcaster, broadcasting matches live and, where possible, in HD through the Premier League’s Content Service Sr.

Apart from its satellite channels, SuperSport also feeds content to M-Net, CSN and occasionally to M-Net HD. As of September 2020, much the same way Sky Sports has done, SuperSport started to run thematic channels with most major sports getting their own channels.

H frequency of SuperSport MaXimo 2 TV.
The SuperSport MaXimo 2 channel Sport programs, from South-Africa country in the Portuguese language, last updated time on September 21, 2013. SuperSport MaXimo 2 Paid satellite TV channel.

Super Sport Albania new Biss Key code Today

Channel name Super Sport Albania
Satellite Eutelsat 16A at 16.0°E
Frequency 10762
Polarity H
Symbol Rate 300000
Biss Key 64 85 12 FB 94 73 24 2B

SuperSport MáXimo 2 New Frequency On

  • Channel Name: SuperSport MaXimo 2 TV
  • Satellite: Eutelsat 36B
  • Position: 36.0° East
  • Encryption: Irdeto 2
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Country: South-Africa
  • Category: Sport
  • Package: Multichoice Africa
  • Coverage: Africa
  • BandKu Band

Latest Channel updates: 201230: SuperSport Cricket started on Intelsat 36: 11848 V Latest World additions:

Channal  Satellite  Frequency  System SR
SuperSport Cricket 68.5°E  Intelsat 20 11170 H DVB-S 30000
SuperSport Cricket 68.5°E  Intelsat 36 11848 V DVB-S2
SuperSport Cricket 35.9°E  Eutelsat 36B 11747 H DVB-S 27500



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