Sportitalia New Frequency Started On Hotbird 13B-13C-13E

Sportitalia New Frequency Started On Hotbird 13B-13C-13E

Sportitalia New Frequency Started On Hotbird 13B-13C-13E


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Sportitalia is an Italian terrestrial and satellite television channel owned by Italian Sport Communication, specialized in sports broadcasting 24 hours a day. Sports broadcast include soccer, basketball, tennis, cycling, volley, motoristic sports, rugby, wrestling; information about other sports (winter sports, badminton, boxe, golf, surf, skate, swimming, boating, canoe/Kayak, American football, baseball and cricket) is also provided.

It is broadcast FTA on DTT in Italy channel 60 on Mux DFree, in HD in HbbTV mode and streaming. August 1°,2020 Sportitalia 1,2 and 24 return of DTT in Italy in nationale free on air gratis in Mux Dfree.


Channal  Sportitalia
Satellite Hotbird 13B-13C-13E
Frequency 11996
Polarization  V
Symbol Rate 29900
Fec 3/4
Language Italian

The channel’s origins stem after the decision of the Italian Competition Authority, an Italian organism that checks positions of privileges at favour of a firm, to subordinate the creation of SKY Italia to the transfer of the frequencies of the two analogue codified channels possessed by Tele+, Tele+Bianco and Tele+Nero.

The financier Tarak Ben Ammar bought the frequencies in collaboration with the satellite channel Eurosport. The frequencies became of property at 51% of the Holland Coordinator and Service, Tarak Ben Ammar’s firm, and at 49% of the TF1 Group, principal commercial French TV channel, which also owns Eurosport. Subsequently, in 2004 Tarak Ben Ammar successfully lobbied the then Italian Communications Minister Maurizio Gasparri for a decree allowing him to convert the concessions from crypted TV to free TV: here, then, Sportitalia.


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