Sky Sport Serie A HD – New Frequency On Eutelsat 9E

Sky Sport Serie A HD – New Frequency On Eutelsat 9E

Sky Sport 24

Sky Sport 24 is a sports all-news channel. With 24 hour cycle, of which 14 & 1/2 hours of live content (10:00–00:30) and 9 & 1/2 hours of reruns (00:30–10:00), it broadcasts current event updates, press conferences and breaking news all related to sport. British equivalent is Sky Sports News.

Sky Sport Uno

Sky Sport Uno (until July 1, 2018, Sky Sport 1) is the flagship channel of Sky Sport, dedicated to major sporting events. The British equivalent was Sky Sports 1, however it is now Sky Sports Main Event after it was renamed.

Sky Sport Calcio

Sky Sport Calcio (Sky Sport Serie A until July 1, 2021, available only with the Sky Calcio pack) is a TV channel created for Serie A and Serie B matches rights. This channel is similar to the British, Sky Sports Premier League, equivalent.

Sky Sport Football

Sky Sport Football is the channel dedicated to non-Italian football.
These are Sky Sport’s Footballing rights used by this channel:

  • UEFA Competitions
    • UEFA Champions League (121 matches per season live until 2024)
    • UEFA Europa League (until 2024)
    • UEFA Europa Conference League (until 2024)
  • Country Leagues
    • Premier League (until 2022)
    • Bundesliga (until 2024)
    • 2.Bundesliga (until 2024)
    • Ligue 1 (until 2024)


Sky Sport Serie A HD – Frequency On Eutelsat 9E
12149 V
 31400 2/3
Eutelsat 9E



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