SIS-Live Astra 4.8°E New PowerVu key Update 2021

SIS-Live Astra 4.8°E New PowerVu key

SIS-Live Astra 4.8°E New PowerVu key Update 2021


SIS-Live  New PowerVu Key  2021

AstraSat-4A/SES-5 @4.9°E
TP ; 12149 H 27500
TP ; 12418 H 27500

SIS-Live New PowerVu key
Satellite ; Astra 4.8°E
TP ; 12149 H 27500
TP ; 12419 H 27500
Powervu key: [0x0E00]

Key 00: D2 AF 6C ED 33 31 36 00 >> Next
Key 01: 4C 8F CF E2 64 20 D5 00 >> Active

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Astra 19.2°E is the name for the group of Astra communications satellites co-located at the 19.2°East orbital position in the Clarke Belt that are owned and operated by SES based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg.

Astra 19.2°E used to be commonly known as Astra 1, as it was the first orbital position used by Astra and the craft positioned there all have the Astra 1x name, but this was changed by SES to Astra 19.2°E in 2008, to avoid confusion with other Astra orbital positions that now include Astra 1x craft originally positioned at 19.2°East.

The Astra satellites at 19.2°East provide for services downlinking in the 10.70 GHz-12.70 GHz range of the Ku band.

Astra 19.2°E is one of the major TV satellite positions serving Europe, transmitting over 1,150 TV, radio and interactive channels to more than 93 million direct-to-home (DTH) and cable homes in 35 countries(the other major satellite positions being at 13° East, 28.2° East, 23.5° East, and 5° East).

There are more than 40 high definition television (HDTV) channels broadcast by the satellites at 19.2°E, using five HDTV platforms.[2] SES was instrumental in introducing satellite HDTV broadcasting in Europe, using the Astra 19.2°E satellites, and helped establish the HD ready specifications for TVs to view HDTV broadcasts. A subsidiary of SES, HD+ operates the HD+ free-to-view platform of German channels from Astra 19.2°E.

Astra 19.2°E was one of the last satellite position to carry numerous analogue channels, until April 30, 2012 when the switch-off of German analogue broadcasts was completed.[3] It is also the only position to have carried radio stations in the proprietary Astra Digital Radio format, although that technology was superseded by DVB-S radio as the analogue transponders that carried the service switched to digital.


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