Sindh TV New Frequency On Paksat 1R at 38.0°E

Sindh TV New Frequency On Paksat 1R at 38.0°E 


Sindh TV (trademarked Sindh TV) or Sindh Television is a Sindhi-based satellite television channel. The channel promotes “culture, sufism and affection for the Sindhi language” airing a wide variety of programs, such as a morning show, infotainment, music, sitcoms, dramas, cooking shows and kids programs.

The channel began test transmission in October 2004 with regular transmission beginning later that month. It is owned by Karim Rajpar and Ajeet Kumar Ahuja, Dolphin Media House, and its documentary staff includes journalists Ishaq Manghrio, Imdad Soomro, Hassan Dars, Buxan Mahranvi and Atta Rajar, the 1st Editor Imran Sarang Soomro who produced works on mountains, archaeological sites, forts, rivers, lakes and indigenous communities.better source needed] A few months later, in 2005 Sindh TV started news bulletins from 5-10pm every hour. Abdul Razzaque Sarohi was news director and Aamir Rasool Sheikh was news editor.

Paksat Frequency 2021 1R 38°E Channel 2020 TP LNB C KU

Position Satellite Beam
Frequency System SR
38.0°E Paksat 1R C
3784 V DVB-S2

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