Shamshad TV And New Frequency On ahsat 52.5° East 2021

Shamshad TV And New Frequency On ahsat 52.5° East 2021

Shamshad TV And New Frequency On ahsat 52.5° East 2021


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Shamshad Radio & Television Network (Pashto: شمشاد‎) is based in Afghanistan and Dubai. Shamshad was launched in early 2006 and broadcasts 24 hours a day. Shamshad TV is one of the most popular Pashto language television stations in Afghanistan.

Shamshad’s broadcast area covers a large portion of the country where ethnic Pashtuns live and also covering isolated areas. Shamshad programs are mainly (85%) in Pashto language providing educational TV shows, news, family dramas, musical shows, comedy programs, children’s game shows, women empowerment programs, Islamic educational programs, political and current affairs programs, entertainment programs, sports programs, criminal incidents programs and entertaining programs to both local areas of Afghanistan as well as other countries via satellite, IPTV and local transmitters.

Shamshad is locally available in Kabul and Eastern provinces like Ningrahar and Konar. It is also broadcast in Kunduz and Mazar e Sharif Northern zone of Afghanistan. Signals are transmitted to Herat, Kandahar, Helmand, Paktia, Ghazni, Khost and other part of the country.

News is broadcast hourly in Pushto and Dari through China Global Television Network (CGTN) Pushto News and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Pushto news.

Shamshad briefly broadcast to European and North American viewers in 2007.


Channel Name



Symbol Rate

Shamshad TV





Shamshad TV Al Yah 1 52.5° East TV channels frequencies TP list updated LNB Type KU Band 2021

Channel Name Frequency


VPID System
C/N lock
APID Lang.
Shamshad TV 12015
27500 – 3/4
 1604   48 MPEG-4/SD   47 Pus



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