RMC SPORTS HD Biss Key and Frequency 2022

RMC SPORTS HD Biss Key and Frequency 2022

Radio Monte Carlo (RMC) is the name of radio stations owned and managed by several different entities:

RMC (France) is a French-speaking station, broadcasting in France and Monaco owned by NextRadioTV.

RMC Sport, a French bouquet of sport channels, launched on 7 June 2016 as SFR Sport and rebranded as RMC Sport on 3 July 2018:
RMC Sport 1, flagship channel
RMC Sport 2, multisports
RMC Sport 3, extreme sports and equitation
RMC Sport 4, combat sport
RMC Sport Live 5-16, additional channels to broadcast live matches

Radio Monte Carlo Network is an Italian-speaking station, broadcasting in Italy and Monaco from both Monaco and Milan, and owned by Mediaset. Radio Monte Carlo was founded in 1966 by Noel Cutisson and its enlisted deejays included: Antonio Devia, Awanagana, Ettore Andenna, Gigi Salvadori, Herbert Pagani, Liliana Dell’Acqua, Luisella Berrino, Manuela De Vito, Marco Odino, Mario Raffaele Conti, Max Pagani, Riccardo Heinen, Roberto Arnaldi, Valeria Porrà, and others. Nowadays deejays are: Paolo Remondini, Alberto Capozzella, Luisella Berrino, Maurizio Di Maggio, Massimo Valli, Max Venegoni, Patrizia Farchetto, Marco Porticelli, “Jackie”, Nick “The Nightfly”, David Dunn, Kay Rush, “Katamashi”, Stefano Bragatto, Monica Sala, Clive Malcolm Griffiths, Mauro Pellegrino and Erina Martelli.

Monte Carlo 2 (MC2) is the second Italian-speaking station, formerly associated with RMC Radio Monte Carlo Network broadcasting in Italy and Monaco.
Radio Monte Carlo (Switzerland) was a German-speaking station broadcasting from Zurich, Switzerland. It ceased in 2014 following bankruptcy of Music First Network AG
Radio Monte Carlo (Russia) is broadcasting from Moscow (102.1 fm), Saint Petersburg (105.9 fm), Rostov-on-Don (103.7 fm), Kaliningrad (100.9 fm), Vyborg (99.8 fm), Syzran (92.9 fm), Balakovo (96.6 fm) and Nakhodka (106.7 fm). This is the Russian-speaking radio station which broadcasts modern, new age, and semi classic music along with news and other broadcasts. At 2008-2010 was broadcasting contemporary lounge and house music and remixes.

Radio Monte Carlo International was an English language station on 205 metres on the mediumwave. Launched on December 1, 1970 with British DJs Tommy Vance and Dave Cash with contemporary pop music and considered at the time as a rival of Radio Luxembourg’s English programming.
Radio Monte Carlo Doualiya is an Arabic-speaking station, broadcasting throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
Radio Monte Carlo (Uruguay) – Montevideo, Uruguay is a Spanish-speaking station broadcast on 930AM.
Radio Monte Carlo (Georgia)

Channel : RMC Sports
Satellite : Astra 1M at 19.2°E
Frequency : 11934 V 29700
System : DVB-S MPEG-2

RMC Sports New Frequency 2022 On Astra 1M at 19.2°E

RMC Sport 1 last updated 2022   RMC-Sport-1
Position Satellite Frequency
16.0°E Eutelsat 16A 11596 H
5.0°W Eutelsat 5 West B 11137 V
34.5°W Intelsat 35e 11485 H


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