Real Madrid Vs Celtic LIVE Football Score 6 Sept 2022

Real Madrid Vs Celtic LIVE Football Score 6 Sept 2022


Start date: 7 Sept 2022 00:00
Location: Glasgow Venue: Celtic Park
Referee: Sandro Scharer, Switzerland
Avg. cards: 0.26 4.67


Real Madrid
Real Madrid
When the odds are 1.67 the expected chance of winning is 60%, but this team actually wins 81% matches with these odds.


Ancelotti explained the cigar-toting picture, posted on Twitter by forward Vinicius Junior, thus: “No, I don’t smoke cigars. It was only a photo with my friends. Yes, these players are my friends.”

And therein lies one of the tenets of the Italian’s philosophy that has given him longevity at the very peak of the game. Players genuinely like him, as a person not just a manager. They want to play for him.

Ancelotti eschews a dictatorial approach – one artfully arched eyebrow can speak a thousand words – and encourages collective responsibility.

Englishman Paul Clement knows the Italian’s methods in intricate detail, having served as his assistant at Chelsea, Paris St-Germain, Real Madrid first time round (2013-15) and Bayern Munich.

Clement praises Ancelotti as “by far the greatest influence on my career” and provided insight into his man-management to Coaches’ Voice in 2019.

The scene was the night before the 2010 FA Cup final as Chelsea, having sealed the title with an 8-0 thrashing of Wigan and eyeing a first-ever FA Cup and league double, prepared to face Portsmouth.

“The room fell silent,” said Clement. “Every player was suddenly rendered mute by a question they’d never had to answer before.

“‘This is the last game of the season [Ancelotti said]. We know what we’re able to do and we know the opposition. What do you think the tactics should be?’

“Carlo’s question silenced a group of players not renowned for being shy. They weren’t used to being asked for their thoughts; their ideas. But, gradually, baffled expressions turned into ones of contemplation, and then the hands went up.

“Before you knew it, we had a list of defending points and a list of attacking ones. That was it. The tactics were decided; the team talk was done and the next day the players delivered. A 1-0 victory; a historic double; a player-led approach.

“Sometimes coaches are scared to give that responsibility to the players. But ultimately that’s what it’s all about.”

That ethos was also evident in Real’s semi-final against Manchester City last season, with midfielder Toni Kroos revealing he helped advise Ancelotti who to bring off the bench to spark their incredible comeback.

Yet Kroos bristles at suggestions Ancelotti’s laissez-faire outlook is not complemented by a sharp tactical mind.

“I saw the same with [Jupp] Heynckes,” Kroos said on the eve of last season’s final. “It’s a shame Heynckes and Ancelotti are reduced to being ‘wardrobe managers’. I don’t think that does them justice. It sounds like they don’t know about tactics.

“They are very clear about how they want their teams to play, in both defence and attack. That’s often left out when people talk about them.”

Clement added: “As a coach, Carlo taught me an incredible amount. But equally important is what I learned from him as a person. I watched how he dealt with people and relationships. He made players feel comfortable. He got the best out of them.”

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