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PUSHTO TV New Frequency Biss Key 2021 On AsiaSat-7 105 .5E

PUSHTO TV New Frequency On AsiaSat-7 105 .5E


Pashto TV is a Pashto-language family television channel based in Afghanistan and launched in 2010. It is owned by Liwal limited. The programs are based on the principles of Pashtoon people code of life.[1] The main office of Pashto TV is located in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The channel is part of the Afghan Choice bouquet of channels. The channel is available on satellite to the pashtun population of Asia and Middle East. It is also freely available through internet on Ustream
Noor Rahman Liwal an Afghan entrepreneur, philanthropist and his family are the investors in Pashto TV. Other sources of income include sale of broadcast content, Liwal Distance School Subscription, advertising, broadcasting Services.

PASHTO TV New Frequency
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Channal  PUSHTO TV
Satellite AsiaSat-7 105 .5E
Frequency 4146 H 5318
MPEG4/SD FTA Started


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