Channel TPsNew Biss Key 2021

PSL 6 Cricket Feed Biss Key Frequency On Asiasat 5100.5’E

PSL 6 Cricket Feed Biss Key Frequency On Asiasat 5100.5’E


The Pakistan Super League (Urdu: پاکستان سپر لیگ‎; abbreviated PSL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league contested during February and March of every year by six teams representing six cities in Pakistan. The league was founded on 9 September 2015 with five teams and now comprises six teams. Instead of operating as an association of independently owned teams, the league is a single entity in which each franchise is owned and controlled by investors. From 2021, The PSL will have an exclusive window in the ICC Future Tours Programme

Each team playing matches in double round robin format; the top four teams with the best record qualify for the playoffs and culminates in the championship game, the PSL Cup Final. The league is based in the Pakistan Cricket Board office in Lahore.

Paksat 1R (38.0°E) Ku band
ID : TEN Sports 2
10720 V 29980


Cricket Feed PSL 6 New Biss Key Frequency 2021 Satellite

PSL Live Geo Super
PSL Live Here On Ptv Sports
Cricket #Feed Channels: NETSAT
Satellite: Asiasat 5@100.5’E PSL
Frequency : 3945 V 7200
Sid : 0001
Biss Key :   FE 73 CA 3B 73 BD 82 B2


Satellite : PakSat-1R@38.0E
Frequency : 3800 H 7200
SID: 0001
Biss Key:   FE  73  CA 3B  73 BD  82 B2

PAKISTAN SUPER LEAGUE 6 New Frequency 2021

Channel : PTV SPORTS
Satellite : PakSat-1R @38.0E
Frequency : 4004 V 15555




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