PPTV HD Started New Biss Key On ThaiCom-5 @78.5°East

PPTV HD Started New Biss Key On ThaiCom-5 @78.5°East

PPTV HD Started New Biss Key On ThaiCom-5 @78.5°East


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PPTV (Chinese: PP视频) is a Chinese website. Its predecessor, PPLive, was peer-to-peer freeware created at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The group of companies that runs the website was headed by Cayman Islands-incorporated offshore company PPLive Corporation. However, the actual operations were mainly carried out by Shanghai SynaCast Media Tech Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 上海聚力传媒技术有限公司).

PPTV Sports HD Biss Key on Thaicom5 at 78.5E. Latest Biss key, frequency, symbol rate, polarity & other settings of PPTV sports HD channel on Thaicom5 at 78.5 degrees east. PPTV is a famous TV network of Thailand owned by Bankok Media Corporation Ltd.

PPTV HD Biss Key ThaiCom-5 @78.5°East – Satellite Updates – Biss

Biss Key 33 66 99 32 33 66 99 32
Satellite Thaicom5
Degree 78.5 E
Channel Name PPTV Sports HD
Frequency 12355
Polarity H
Symbol Rate 30000
SID 0001

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