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NOURSAT ENGLISH Frequency 2021 On EutelSat-8B 8 .0W

NOURSAT ENGLISH Frequency 2021 On EutelSat-8B 8 .0W


Télé Lumière is the first Christian television station in Lebanon and the Arab world and was founded in 1991. Since 2003, it also broadcasts satellite programming worldwide under the name Noursat.

Télé Lumière meaning the “Television of Light” was founded in 1991 by a group of committed lay people: Late Charles Helou, a former President of Lebanon, Brother Nour, Jack Kallassi, Late George Frem (ex. MP and minister), George Moawad, Rola and Sana Nassar, Dr. Antoine Saad and Christiane Debbaneh.

Télé Lumière is a non-profit organization, its mission is ecumenical, it is not associated to any political party or movement, do not broadcast any political views and do not accept or promote any commercial endorsements. As a non profit broadcasting station, it has no lucrative purposes and survives only from various donations given by its supporters and friends. The Church cooperated with this television station since the beginning when she found it one of the best means to promote the principles of justice, love, freedom and human rights; values called for by Christianity everywhere. Télé Lumière is supervised by the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon and directed by a committee involving religious leaders from various denominations and a group of laity eager to support this distinguished project. The relationship between the Church and Télé Lumière is organized through a “cooperation protocol”. As for the Government, it considers Télé Lumière, through the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon, a Christian station, financially independent and having freedom of management and programming controlled only by the authority of the Church.

NOURSAT ENGLISH New Frequency 2021

Satellite : EutelSat-8B 8.0W
FREQ: 11096 H 27500
MPEG2/SD/FTA Started







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