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New PowerVu Key Update 2022

New PowerVu Key Update 2022


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PowerVu is a conditional access system for digital television developed by Scientific Atlanta.[1] It is used for professional broadcasting, notably by Retevision, Bloomberg Television, Discovery Channel, AFRTS, ABS-CBN, GMA Network, and American Forces Network. It is also used by cable companies to prevent viewing by unauthorized viewers and non-cable subscribers.

PowerVu has decoders that decode signals from certain satellites for cable distribution services. These decoders can also be used just like the FTA (Free-To-Air) satellite receivers if properly configured.

New PowerVu,key working  

BBC Earth Asia HD
BBC Lifestyle Asia HD
BBC CBeebies HD

MeaSat-3A @91.5E
TP: 3840 V 29720
00: 02 B7 68 1B 20 66 84
01: 06 B3 30 1A 6A BD AD

Apstar-7 @76.5E
TP: 3920 H 28340
PowerVU KEY:
00: EAD1 E96D EB02 F800
01: AA29 D296 81CB B700

ApStar-7 @76.5E
FREQ: 3880 H 30000
PowerVU KEY:
00: F980 F7DF ED66 3D00
01: 38F2 52F2 5734 F000

ApStar-7 @76.5E
FREQ: 3920 H 28340
PowerVU KEY:
00: 9336 94D7 694C CB00
01: 0635 827E 912E 0600


Apstar-7 @76.5E
TP: 3880 H 30000
PowerVU KEY:
00: 7FC6 F19C 83C9 F600 01:
1551 2252 468D 4100

INTELSAT 20@68.5°E
3974 H 19500
00: 4287 1CD4 A57B 0C
01: BD9B 6F49 812D 27

AstraSat-4A @4.8E
TP: 12360 V 27500
PowerVU KEY:
00: 80C7 6047 6437 6D00
01: 940B 9CF9 534C 7300

SIS-Live  New PowerVu Key

AstraSat-4A/SES-5 @4.9°E
12149 H 27500
12418 H 27500

KEY 00: A5 97 52 1E AC 5E A8 – Next
KEY 01: E7 EA A2 A5 CB BE E7 – Active

Fox Networks Group New PowerVu Key Update 20 12 2020

Fox Networks Group
Fox Brasil HD
National Geographic Brasil HD
FX Brasil HD tv
Fox Life Brasil HD tv
Nat Geo Wild Brasil HD Tv
Fox Sports Brasil HD Tv
Fox Sports 2 Brasil HD Tv
Nat Geo Kids Brasil HD Tv

Satellite: SES 6 – 40,5’W
TP: 4095 R 30000, 5/6
(Beam – Hemi) Tv

Fox Networks Group (FNG) is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company that oversees international television assets that were acquired from 21st Century Fox. It produces and distributes more than 300 entertainment, film, sports and factual channels in 45 languages across Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa, using several brands, including Fox, National Geographic, FX, Fox Sports, and BabyTV. Among their non-linear brands were Fox Play and Fox Plus. These brands reached over 1.725 billion households around the world.

Until March 2019, the group also included the U.S. unit which consisted of Fox Television Group, Fox Cable Networks, Fox Sports Media Group, Fox News Group, National Geographic Partners, and Fox Networks Digital Consumer Group. Following Disney’s acquisition of 21CF, FNG’s U.S. unit was dispersed between the Murdoch’s Fox Corporation and Walt Disney Television, while the non-U.S. units (previously known as Fox International Channels, a unit previously operated jointly with 21CF’s U.S. domestic broadcast units until 2016, when the units were merged into Fox Networks Group) were later integrated into Disney’s direct-to-consumer and international unit through 2020.

Satellite: Intelsat 19 at 166.0°E

Intelsat 19 – 166’e
Package : ABS – CBN
Freq: 4180 H 30000, 2/3
(Beam – West hemi)

New key’s :
Pvu 00: 8F 29 F5 37 30 F7 C0 00
PvU 01: 71 4E 0B C3 01 86 EB 00

Intelsat 19 is a geostationary communications satellite operated by Intelsat. It was constructed by Space Systems Loral,[1] based on the LS-1300E satellite bus. It was successfully launched by Sea Launch using a Zenit-3SL carrier rocket on 1 June 2012.[2] Upon entering service it replaced Intelsat 8 at 166° East Longitude.

Satellite ; ApStar-7 @76.5E
FREQ: 3880 H 30000

00: F980 F7DF ED66 3D00
01: 38F2 52F2 5734 F000



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