MTA 3 Al Arabiyah TV Frequency Biss Key On Eutelsat 7 West A

MTA 3 Al Arabiyah TV Frequency Biss Key On Eutelsat 7 West A

 MTA 3 Al Arabiyah TV Frequency Biss Key On Eutelsat 7 West A


Al Arabiya (Arabic: العربية‎, transliterated: al-ʿArabiyyah; meaning “The Arabic One” or “The Arab One”[a]) is a Saudi owned[4] free-to-air television news channel based in Dubai. It is broadcast in Modern Standard Arabic to a pan-Arab audience.Launched on 3 March 2003the channel is based in Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates.

A free-to-air channel, Al Arabiya broadcasts standard newscasts every hour as well as talk shows and documentaries. These programs cover current affairs, business, stock markets and sports. It is rated among the top pan-Arab stations by Middle East audiences.The news organization’s website is accessible in Arabic, English, Urdu and Persian. As of March 2018, the website’s number-one consumer by country was Saudi Arabia, with 20% of the entire viewership.

On 26 January 2009, American president Barack Obama gave his first formal interview as president to the television channel.Mamdouh Al-Muhaini is the general manager of the Al Arabiya Network since October 2019, succeeding the former manager Nabil Al-Khatib.[On 24 April 2020, Al Arabiya introduced a new graphics and audio package and studios as well as a new modified logo in the network’s first major rebrand since its launch in 2003


  • Channel : MTA 3 Al Arabiyah TV
  • Language: Arabic
  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Category: Religious
  • Package: STN Ltd
  • Beam: MENA
Satellite: Eutelsat 7 West A
Position: 7.0°W 

Frequency : 11354
Polarization : Vertical
Symbol Rate:27500 5/6

MTA 3 Al Arabiyah Channel Frequency on All satellites:

Channel Satellite Frequency / Pol / SR
MTA 3 Al Arabiyah Eutelsat 7 West A 11354 | V | 27500 5/6




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