Channel TPsNew Biss Key 2021

FOOTBALL HD Biss Key Frequency On Africasat-1A at 46.0°E

FOOTBALL HD Biss Key Frequency On Africasat-1A at 46.0°E


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The satellite has solar arrays with four panels per array, using UTJ Gallium Arsenide cells. It will be stabilized with a 3-axis stabilized, zero momentum system. It will have a liquid bi-propellant transfer orbit system, with a monopropellant (hydrazine) on-orbit system. Power will be held in two Li-Ion batteries with a capacity .

Azerspace-1/Africasat-1A has a hybrid payload including both C- band and Ku-band antennae. There will be 24 active C-band transponders, using a 2.5 m × 2.7 m (8 ft 2 in × 8 ft 10 in) single shell super-elliptical deployable reflector, with a 1.4 m × 1.4 m (4 ft 7 in × 4 ft 7 in) single shell super-elliptical deck-mounted reflector. There will also be 12 active Ku-band transponders, using a 2.5 m × 2.7 m (8 ft 2 in × 8 ft 10 in) single shell super-elliptical deployable reflector.

The satellite based on Orbital’s flight-proven STAR-2 platform and generates approximately five kilowatts of payload power for 36 active transponders. Upon completion of in-orbit testing, operational control of the satellite was handed over to Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Communications and IT, and since October, 2017 Azercosmos OJSCo controls Azerspace-1 independently.

FOOTBALL HD Biss Key Frequency On Africasat-1A at 46.0°E
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FOOTBALL HD Biss Key Frequency 2021

Samsunspor Vs Altay Izmir
AzerSpace 1/Africasat 1a at 46.0°EAST
New TP : 11050 V 7500
ID : TUR 137 A
Codes Video: 4:2:2
Today Update Feeds 2021
CW : 94 B2 94 DA 5D 55 30 E2



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