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Football 1 TV Frequency 2021 HD On Astra 4A/SES 5

Football 1 TV Frequency  HD On Astra 4A


Football 1   Channal Frequency On Astra 4A – 4.8° East
Football 2            New Frequency On Astra 4A – 4.8° East
Foot+ 24        Frequency 2021 On Astra 1N – 19.2° East

Football 1 (Football until December 2013) is the first specialized TV channel in Ukraine, dedicated exceptionally to football broadcasts. Football 1, Football 2 and Football 3 broadcast Ukrainian and European club competitions, international matches and other football events. These channels belong to the Media Group Ukraine. A new channel Football 3 was launched on 1 February 2020.


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Match! Football 1 HD
Satellite(s): Express AT1, 56E
Broadcasting standart: DVB-S2 (8PSK)
Compression: MPEG-4
Frequency: 12476 MHz

Football 1 TV Channel Latest Frequency 2021 Astra 4A 4.8° East


TV Logo TP Bandwidth VPID PMT TID
B22 SIRIUS, 38.0 Mbps 6631 QPSK 6630 TID:16


Football 1 HD Frequency On SES 5 / Astra 4A 4.9° E

Channal  Football 1 TV
Satellite Astra 4A/SES 5
Frequency 12130
Polarization  V
Symbol Rate 27500
Fec 3/4
Language Ukrainian

Football TV Channel is available in packages of more than 500 cable operators all over Ukraine and on the satellite television platform Viasat. Technical coverage of the TV channel in cable networks exceeds 85% according to Gfk data.[

Foot+ 24        Frequency 2021 On Astra 1N – 19.2° East


  • Football News
  • Football News (studio)
  • Football Live
  • Football Week-End
  • Football Mundial
  • World Game


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