FISH TV Started New Frequency StarOne-3C @75 .0W

FISH TV Started New Frequency StarOne-3C @75 .0W


Rainbow Fish is a Canadian-German children’s animated television series produced in 1999. It was adapted from the book of the same name; however, the television series does not follow the plot of the book; rather it takes the character and the setting and creates a new story with them. Some characters were added and others embellished for the purposes of the show. In the

series, the place where the fish live is called Neptune Bay (after Neptune, the god of the sea). The fish attend “The School of Fish”. There is a shipwreck called “Shipwreck Park” in the series that resembles the wreck of the RMS Titanic. It was produced by Decode Entertainment, EM.TV and Sony Wonder. 52 15-minute episodes were produced. A range of VHS and DVD releases were (and still are) available in the United Kingdom

Satellite : StarOne-3C @75.0W
Frequency : 4158 H 4583 (C)
> > Started On C BAND


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