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Chinasat 11 indian Paid Ku Band | 98E Channel List Frequency

Chinasat 11 indian Paid Ku Band | 98E Channel List Frequency

Chinasat 11 @98.0°E is a chinese satellite. Chinasat 11 contains many good quality channels. Chinsat contains chinese channels and many other country channels which are high rated channels. These channels picture quality and their programming is unique. There are many channels which are free to air and many channels which are paid channels and you have to pay some money to tune these channels on your receiver. 

New Update For Chinasat11 98.0°E New Channels Update 

Chinasat11 @98.0°E contains a lot of channels which are many countries channels. There are a lot of chinese channels like xing kong, lotus macau etc. Other countries channels are abs abc sports plus action, now many indian channels have been added on chinasat. Nu channel and hi_ indu channels are added which are Indonesian channels. 

Differences Between Chinasat 11 98.0°E and Gsat19 @97.5°E

There are two satellites Chinasat11 98.0e. These two satellites are different between ech other. These satellites are not equal and they are not only one satellite. They have a different degree and names. Chinsat 11 is at degree 98.0e and gsat 19 is at degree 97.5e. Chinsat11 @98.0E having other channels and Gsat19 @97.5e having other channels. Chinasat only work on 6fit or up dish size and Gsat19 97.5e can work on 2fit dish size. Chinasat having C-band and Gsat19 having ku band. Their channels list is given below. 

Chinasat 11 and Gsat19 Channels List Chinasat 11 channels list

Chinsat having unbelievable channels which are given here

Discovery HD
animal planet hd
are availabe

Satellite : Chinasat 98E

Frequency : 12500 H 43200
Mpeg4/ hd /
Temporary fta
Satellite : Chinasat 11 @98E

Abs Abc sports
Plus Action

Frequency : 12508 V 43200
MPEG4 hd / Fta
Satellite : Chinasat 11 @98.0E

Nu chnnel
And moreover
Frequency : 12500 V 43200
MPEG4 hd/ fta
Satellite : Chinasat 11

Prambors tv
Net tv
Sc tv
Trans 7
Trans tv
Metro tv
Tv one
Compas tv
Tvri nasional
An tv
Saluran film indonesia
Dmc tv
Jak tv
Swarna fmtv

frequency : 12500 V 43200
Fec 3/5

India Channels On Chinasat11 98.0E And Pakistani and Arabic Channels List

These all channels are scramble (paid channel)


TP: 3975 H 34284

TP: 3920 V 30000



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