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Biss Key Of TV5 HD1 Thai On Thaicom 5 (78.5°E)

Biss Key Of TV5 HD1 Thai On Thaicom 5 (78.5°E)

TV5 (also known as 5 and formerly known as ABC) is a Philippine free-to-air television network based in Mandaluyong, with its alternate studios located in Novaliches, Quezon City. It is the flagship property of TV5 Network, Inc. with Cignal TV as its main content provider, both owned by MediaQuest Holdings, the multimedia arm of Philippine-based telecommunications company PLDT. TV5 is also formally referred to as “The Kapatid Network”, the Filipino term for “sibling”, which was introduced in 2010.

Named after its flagship station in Metro Manila, DWET-TV, which are carried in VHF Channel 5 (analog broadcast) and UHF Channel 51 (digital test broadcast; the latter is licensed to TV5’s sister company Mediascape/Cignal TV), TV5 is also broadcasting to seven other owned-and-operated stations and seven affiliate television stations nationwide. Its programming is also available outside the Philippines through Kapatid Channel and AksyonTV International.


Channel Name : TV5 HD1
TV5 HD1 Transponder : 4080 H 30000
TV5 HD1 Frequency : 4080
Pol : H
TV5 HD1 Simbol Rate : 30000
BISS KEY : 2552 950C ABEF 952F

Channel Name: TV5 CHANNEL 5
Satellite; THAICOM 5
TP: 3625 H 30000
SID: 2112
TV5 Channel5

Biss Key : 22 44 66 CC 66 44 22 CC

Channel Name : TV5  CHANNEL 5
Satellite : THAICOM 5
1Transponder : 2437 H 30000
SID: 0111
Tv5 Biss Code : 8D C5 A4 F6 22 6A 30 BC


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