Biss Key Of RTM KL 2 On MeaSat-3A @91 .5E

Biss Key Of RTM KL 2 On MeaSat-3A @91 .5E

V2 (TV dua) is a Malaysian free-to-air television channel owned and operated by the Radio Televisyen Malaysia, a broadcasting department of the Malaysian Government. Launched on 17 November 1969, TV2 is the second and second oldest TV station in Malaysia. The channel features mostly English, Mandarin and Tamil news and talk

shows, the latter two languages were mainly produced for Chinese and Indian communities. It also offers some in-house, local and international entertainment programs, including reality shows, films and dramas as well as sports programming.

MeaSat-3A @91.5E
FREQ: 3920 H 12400
BISS KEY: C6 5F F3 18 62 AC 39 47


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