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Biss Key Of RCTI, MNC TV & GTV OnTelkom 4 at 108.0°E

Biss Key Of RCTI, MNC TV & GTV OnTelkom 4 at 108.0°E

MNCTV (legally PT. MNC Televisi Indonesia, formerly PT. Cipta Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia and PT. Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia) is an Indonesian private television station. It was founded on 1 August 1990, at first broadcasting only educational programmes, but has since become similar to other Indonesian TV stations, showing programmes such as quizzes, sinetron (soap operas), reality TV shows, sports shows, and recently, dangdut music.

2003–2009: Awards and acquisition by MNC

At the 1997 Indonesian Soap-Opera Awards, the soap opera Mat Angin by Deddy Mizwar, aired by TPI, won 11 awards. The series won five awards the following year. Indonesia’s favourite programme was Santapan Nusantara a culinary program hosted by Enita Sriyana. Kuis Dangdut (hosted by H. Jaja Miharja), the first and oldest quiz show, also won awards and Ngelaba a comedy program hosted by Akri Patrio, Eko Patrio and Parto Patrio.

On October 2003, Media Nusantara Citra, which also owns RCTI, GTV, iNews, and IDX Channel acquired 75% of the channel. In 2005, new employees were hired, including Mayjen. TNI. (purn.) Sang Nyoman Suwisma, and Dandy Nugroho Rukmana

MNCTV Biss  Key Code Latest

 MNCTV  Biss Key On Palapa D

Satellite : Palapa D at 103.E
Channel Name : MNCTV
MNCTV Transponder : 04147 V 08800
MNCTV Frequency : 04147
Pol : V
MNCTVSymbol rate : 08800
System  SID 000B
Quality : Mpeg2

Biss Key :

  • 183D D025 A985 A8D6
  • 3A CA A4 A8 17 C7 84 62
  • 12 49 D1 2C F8 A7 E4 83

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