Biss Key Of Geo Me on Paksat 38E

Biss Key Of Geo Me on Paksat 38E

Daniel Fuchs (born 1966 in Alzenau) and Geo Fuchs (born 1969 in Frankfurt am Main) area are an artist couple[ who are known for their conceptual photography series in numerous international exhibitions.

In 1992, Daniel and Geo Fuchs started[3] their common photographic work. From the beginning, they focused on producing series of photographs with a strong conceptual approach.

The prerequisite for their work is an intense analysis of their chosen subject; the production of a series usually takes several months or even years of research, collecting of material, image selection, and test runs.

From an historical art perspective, their oeuvre belongs to concept art; objectivity, staging, and a wealth of detail.

In the beginning, until about 1996, the artist duo’s interest was concentrated on topics like ‘Homelessness’, ’Trans-Sexuality’ and ‘Mental Illness’.

Until the year 2008, Daniel and Geo Fuchs mainly worked with large format camera and tripod, a relatively slow, time-consuming process.

In 2009, with the entry of new media, the artist duo began to experiment with digital techniques.

Channel Name : GEO ME / Geo Tv
Satellite    :  PAKSAT-1R/38.E
Frequence  :4105 V 2310
SiD            :000B
SiD            :0001
Biss 30 84 10 C4 76 BE C9 FD

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