ABBAY MEDIA Frequency Started On NSS-12 @57.0E

ABBAY MEDIA Frequency Started On NSS-12 @57.0E


NSS 12Latest changes on NSS 12: 210610: Oromia 11 on NSS 12 210610: Abbay Media TV on NSS 12 210609: Nuuralhudaa TV on NSS 12 210508: Online

Abbey Home Media was a British home media distributor that releases content aimed at children. It was founded on 4 March 2002, as the successor company to Abbey Home Entertainment (AHE), which was acquired by the Just Group in 2000.

The company has released content coming from the likes of CBBC, CITV, CBeebies, LittleBe, Pop, Tiny Pop and Milkshake!. Abbey Home Media also are a producer of their own franchises, which includes the likes of Bump the Elephant, Fun Song Factory, Wide-Eye and Baby Bright

Satellite  NSS-12 @57.0E
Frequency  11165 H 45000
System  MPEG4/SD/FTA Started

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