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1 SPORTS On IntelSat-17, New Frequency

 1 SPORTS On IntelSat-17, New Frequency

1Sports is an Indian sports channel owned by Lex Sportel Vision Pvt. Ltd.[launched after Discovery India took full control of their DSport channel. 1Sports broadcasts live sporting action from around the world, including high-profile content as I-League

On 6 February 2017 Discovery Communications (DC) launched the DSport channel to broadcast different kind of sporting actions in Indian subcontinent. During the launch former MD of ESPN Star and former CEO of Dish TV RC Venkateish had joined the channel to work as content provider (acquisition) for the channel. Since then Venkateish (owner of Lex Sportel) acquired sporting rights of multiple events which were broadcast on DSport,

until November 2019.[citation needed] In January 2020 Discovery applied a name change of their sports channel to Eurosport, which was challenged by Lex Sportel as the one who made the uplinking license deal of the channel Delhi High Court went in favor of Discovery and as a result Lex Sportel went out of the deal. Then Lex Sportel started showing ads about the launch of their new channel and a scroll text on DSport channel that

contents of the channel belongs to Lex Sportel’s server based in Hong Kong,[citation needed] until 24 January when Discovery took full control of the channel. Though this was scheduled to take effect on 14 February, Discovery took control of the channel three weeks before the original date, but the court dismissed the matter. Finally, on 28 January Lex Sportel launched their own channel 1Sports.


1 SPORTS :                             ! Satellite  IntelSat-17 @66 .0E                Frequency         3894 H 13840
Position Satellite Frequency
108.2°E SES 9 12281 V
98.0°E ChinaSat 11 3975 V
93.5°E G-Sat 15 11510 H



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